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Although Dr. Rice has his practice in Elgin, IL and loves serving patients in his community, he also has a passion for continuing his education and improving his dental skills. He travels throughout the country learning from and with some of the best dentists in the country and even the world.

If you are leaving the Elgin – St. Charles area and find yourself in need of an excellent dentist, Dr. Rice highly recommends the following doctors:

Dr. Norm Ickert – Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Norm Ickert, Founder and Director of the prestigious Ickert Teaching Center, is one of the world’s top dental implant dentists. He is one of the few individuals who have both the knowledge and ability to impart their wisdom to others. He takes complex procedures and breaks them down to make them seem easy. Norm’s integrity and work ethic make his Centre and dental office the place to go. You will be blessed if he accepts you as a patient.

Sampling of dental services offered by Dr. Ickert:

Dr. Jeff Bynum – Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Valrico, FL (Tampa area)

Jeff Bynum is a master at an early age. He has worked tirelessly to attain the knowledge and skills other dentists never attain or take a life time to attain. He is selfless in his desire to give back to the dental community. His patients are fortunate to have such a talented and understanding professional look after them. He is the dentist’s dentist. He is destined to be one of the top dentists of all time.

Sampling of dental services offered by Dr. Bynum:

Dr. Jeff Gray – Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry in La Mesa, California (San Diego area)

Jeff Gray makes it look easy. He is a magician that can take a sow’s ear and turn it into a silk purse. His compassion and empathy for his patients is exemplary. If you have had an unfavorable dental experience you should seek Dr. Gray out for treatment. He can make it right.

Sampling of dental services offered by Dr. Gray:

Dr. Jay Lopez – Contemporary Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona

Jay Lopez has studied with some of the world’s leading dentists. His unique ability to implement these strategies into his office makes him a great technical dentist. He has an outstanding staff that has been dedicated to him and his vision for years. They make for an incredible team and a transforming experience.

Sampling of dental services offered by Dr. Lopez:

Dr. Edward Borio of Bloomington Hills, Michigan (Detroit area)

Ed Borio is one of Detroit Michigan’s premier dental practitioners. He was born and raised in the area and has hundreds of hours in post graduate studies that he has implemented into his office. He takes dental care to a whole new level in a state of the art facility.

Sampling of dental services offered by Dr. Borio:

If you are moving from the Elgin – St Charles – Bartlett IL area to a location not near one of the doctors mentioned above, still please ask Dr. Rice if he can recommend a dentist in your area. He will do his best to find a doctor that can come close to the excellent treatment you have received right here in Elgin, Illinois at David Rice DDS.

I highly recommend Dr. Rice and his caring staff to anyone who suffers from anxiety or is just plain nervous about going to the dentist!
~ Michael R
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    • Dr. Rice, Just a few words to let you know how my dental visit was. This was my first visit with Dr. Rice, and staff. I was a bit apprehensive, but soon found out about there professional way in which I was not only treated, but I also found out, how much they cared about my personal health. Dr. Rice ever so calm, and understanding about your fear. If I have to do it over and choose a Dentist, or suggest to a friend, it would be Dr. Rice. He followed up with a phone call that evening, of my extraction of a wisdom tooth, and was concerned. For that I thank you! I hope I will not need him for anything in the near future, but his phone# is now in my memory dial. Regards, J.E. Small A 5 star Rating
      —J.E. Small
    • I’ve heard about oral sedation and had no idea how relaxed I’d be but really don’t remember anything other than sitting down in the chair. When they told me I was through, I felt so refreshed like I’d just finished a great nap.

      Scott B.

      —Scott B.
    • When my daughter told me I could nap while I had all the dental work I needed done, I thought she was teasing! Dr. Rice has proven to me that dental visits can be relaxing and I’m so glad I found him. I have two new bridges and porcelain crowns and feel like I look twenty years younger!

      Jean W.

      —Jean W.
    • I’m not fearful when it comes to dentistry, but my schedule doesn’t allow much time out of the office. Dr. Rice suggested oral sedation so we could combine several appointments into one, which worked out great. I wasn’t fatigued or drained at all after a 6 hour appointment and was thrilled with the results!

      Kelly B.

      —Kelly B.
    • I thought I’d never get over the trauma of having painful dental treatment as a teen. My teeth were in horrible shape and I couldn’t even bring myself to make an appointment. When I learned Dr. Rice could do my dentistry while I had twilight sleep, I at least wanted to talk to him. That’s all it took. He’s so kind and I immediately knew he would be the one who could help me get over my fears. Now, I’m so much better. Looking back, it all seems so silly but all I know is that my smile looks a million times better!

      Maureen S.

      —Maureen S.
    • The best thing about I.V. sedation is not remembering anything about my dental visit. After years of dreading everything about dental visits, Dr. Rice finally gave me a way to be there without even knowing it! My smile looks great now and I feel better knowing my mouth is finally healthy.

      Shannon C.

      —Shannon C.
    • Dr. Rice and Staff~

      I appreciate the wonderful treatment I have received while I was getting my dental work completed. You are knowledgeable, friendly, concerned and so is your staff.


      Kathy S.

      —Kathy S.
    • Dr. Rice~

      I would like to thank you for extracting my poor tooth and a wonderful repair and new addition to my denture. I found you to be very kind, honest and caring person with a good chair side manner. I found your staff very friendly and they made me feel very welcomed and relaxed. I look forward to your services in the future.


      Alexandra L.

      —Alexandra L.
    • Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful smile. I had not realized how self-conscience I had become over the look of my front teeth. Now I’m confident that my smile looks great! Also thank you for your enormous generosity! I truly appreciate it!

      Thanks again,

      Diane C.

      —Diana C.
    • Dear Dr. Rice and Shannon~

      Thanks so much for saving my smile. I am so grateful that you were willing to come into the office on your day off to help me.


      Marita S.

      —Marita S.
    • I always leave Dr. Rice's office feeling I've had the best up-to-date dental care possible. All questions are completely answered. Oral hygienists working in his practice routinely share the results of the newest studies in dental care. Dr. Rice has been my dentist for 22 years. He has seen me through root canals, crown work, old filling replacement, and repair of chipped teeth. I cannot imagine going to another dentist.

      Suzanne M.

      —Suzanne M.
    • Excellent and professional care is given by the entire Rice Team, from receptionist, hygienist assistant, hygienist to the Doctor

      Wendy W.
      Lake In The Hills

      —Wendy W.
    • I have been a patient of Dr. Rice for 15 years or more and find him and his staff to be excellent with their skill and chair-side manner. I never feel pressured to purchase services/treatments, that said it is their obligation to advise me on what is available. I feel that people need to remember that...just because the doctor tells you about options and how much those options cost does not mean they are trying to take advantage of you or trying to upsell you. I have never felt a hard sell approach from anyone in the office for anything. I have referred people to doctor Rice and will continue to do so because of his top notch dental care and his educational approach to dentistry.

      Julie P.
      Arlington Heights

      —Julie P.
    • Dear Dr. Rice

      My deepest, heartfelt thank you for your generous and kind “dental” donation to the poverty stricken people of Haiti. My MISSION TRIP is June 12-June 15 and I am so honored and blessed to be able to take the toothbrushes, tooth paste and floss that you so generously donated. I appreciate Chandra’s help and I look forward to sharing my “story” when I come in for my appointment in June. God Bless! Thank You!

      Mary A.

      —Mary A.
    • Dear Dr. Rice,

      Thank you so much for the dental work and teeth cleaning that was done on Christopher last week. I was greatly appreciated. Also, you have a great staff!

      Pat H.

      —Pat H.

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