3 Reliable Steps To Find The Best Elgin, Illinois Dentist

Looking for the best dentist in Elgin? You can click around on the computer or watch for postcard ads in your mailbox. Even then, the outcome is shaky at best. Finding the best dentist in Elgin truly hinges on what you are looking for. Are you looking for consistent, professional evaluation? Are you looking for

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It Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Time To Beautify Your Smile, Elgin

Are you a busy Elgin resident who can’t find the time to improve your smile? The truth is, it may not take as long as you think. My name is David Rice and my staff and I at David A. Rice, DDS can help restore missing, cracked, or discolored teeth – sometimes in just one

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Is Cosmetic Dentistry For You?

Many of the people who visit David A. Rice, D.D.S. have questions about Elgin cosmetic dentistry. It seems that everyone is interested in cosmetic dentistry, but there are many questions that only your local Elgin cosmetic dentist can answer. While Elgin cosmetic dentistry is not the answer for everyone in Elgin, new developments in cosmetic

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Prevention-Oriented Dentistry

Are you a St Charles IL area parent of young children? Do you want them to develop better oral hygiene habits than you did when you were young? Perhaps you have a beautiful smile and want to prevent tooth decay. Many Elgin people have a mouth full of fillings and don’t want to add another

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Questions To Ask Your Elgin Dentist

Sometimes we research our mechanic or hairdresser more thoroughly than our Elgin dental professional. Shouldn’t your dental care be far more important than the condition of your car or the style of your hair? At David A. Rice, D.D.S., we love to answer questions about your teeth. You should be asking your Elgin family dentist

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David A. Rice, D.D.S. Can Make Your Whites Whiter

Hi, I’m Dr. David Rice, an experienced general and cosmetic dentist serving the greater Elgin area. One of the most common requests I get from my dental patients is whiter teeth. I am happy to say that Elgin dental patients are in luck when it comes to teeth whitening, because cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening

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Correcting Severe Dental Problems in Bartlett IL

Each separate cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedure performed in Bartlett IL can address a specific dental problem. For example, a porcelain veneer can perfect the surface of a tooth that is discolored or slightly misshapen. Dental bonding can fill a small chip in an otherwise healthy tooth. Some Elgin dental problems are more extensive and require

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What is Crown Lengthening?

Perfect smiles created at David Rice DDS often require crown lengthening. Crown lengthening surgery is a safe and effective procedure that exposes more of the visible part of the tooth. Some clients undergo crown lengthening surgery at David Rice DDS to alter their gummy smile. A gummy smile refers to upper teeth that appear too

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The David A. Rice, D.D.S. Guide To Dental X-Rays

Don’t know a periapical from a bitewing? Today’s West Dundee general dentistry blog takes a look at dental x-rays. Panoramic If you have ever stood in a huge camera apparatus and struggled to stay motionless while an automated camera made one slow pass around your head, then you have had a panoramic x-ray taken of

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Elgin, Illinois Residents Visit the Dentist

Whether you have lived in Elgin for a long time, or just moving in to the Elgin area; taking care of your teeth eventually involves a visit to the dentist. We are David A. Rice, D.D.S. located at 1972 Larkin Ave Ste 1 in Elgin, Illinois, and our specialty is cosmetic dentistry. You can reach

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Memberships & Associations

Dr. David Rice, DDS, KOIS Center Clinical Instructor membership page The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry membership logo for Dr. Rice, DDS Elgin dentist Dr. David Rice is a member of the American Dental Association Illinois State Dental Society membership badge for Dr. David Rice, DDS


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