Bridges vs. Dentures or Implants

Dental Bridges vs. Tooth Implants or Dentures

Happy dental implants dad in Elgin, ILYour oral health is extremely important, and sometimes making the right decisions can be quite overwhelming. We understand your concerns, which is why we always take the time to make sure you completely understand the high quality implant dentistry procedures available at our practice near Bartlett, IL. Dr. Rice makes the best recommendations for you based on your specific needs, which may often include either dentures or implants.

Are Dentures Or Implants Right For You?

After your initial consultation with Dr. David Rice, he will evaluate the condition of your current oral health. Depending on the extent of damage you may have, including cracked, damaged, or missing teeth, Dr. Rice will help you decide whether a dental bridge or dental implants will be the ideal solution to rebuild your smile.

Dental implants gum demoDentures or implants are typically utilized if you have a damaged or decayed tooth. The implant replaces your tooth’s natural root and can act as an anchor for an artificial tooth, such as a dental cap. They are made to look just like your natural teeth, and are very strong and reliable.

Dentures are available in several different options at our practice. Traditional dentures are beautifully sculpted to give you a gorgeous new smile, and may be removed for cleaning and care. An easy and affordable solution for damaged or missing teeth, dentures can be the perfect option to recreate your smile.

Teeth implants are often used in conjunction with dentures. Dr. Rice offers a dental bridge or implant supported dentures that are permanently attached to your gum line, and are extremely easy to maintain. Your new dentures are beautifully fitted for your comfort, and also allow you to enjoy many of the foods you normally love to eat!

Missing or Damaged Teeth? We Offer Multiple Tooth Replacement Options!

Call our offices near St Charles IL, Bartlett IL and Elgin today to find out whether dentures, a dental bridge, or implants are the right choice to rebuild your smile and restore your oral health!

For those that have dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist, make sure to ask about how sedation dentistry can improve your experience with us!


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