ACD Grafting Pre-Op Instructions

  1. Unless you are instructed by your physicianto take aspirin or any medication containing aspirin, discontinue for two weeks prior to your surgical appointment.
  2. Discontinue Advil or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication one week prior to your surgical appointment. You may substitute Tylenol for these medications.
  3. Discontinue Vitamin E, Ginko, Ginsing, Garlic or Ginger supplements one week prior to your surgical appointment.
  4. Inform us if you are taking any other anticoagulant medication, i.e., Plavix, Coumadin, etc.
  5. Take any prescribed antibiotic as directed for heart murmur or mitral valve prolapse. If our office prescribes an antibiotic for our surgical treatment, we ask that you start taking it the day prior to your surgical appointment.
  6. Two days prior to your surgery, you should be treated by our dental hygienist for a thorough cleaning for preventing any healing complications. A prescribed mouthwash will be given to you at this appointment to start using pre-surgery, two times daily.  You will continue this same mouthwash post-surgery until directed to discontinue.
  7. Take all routine medications as directed by your physician. Please inform our office of all routine medications you are currently taking.
  8. Please inform our office of any allergies to medications.
  9. Plan to rest at home the remainder of the day and the following day after your surgical appointment.
  10. Eat a light meal prior to your surgical appointment (unless being sedated). Avoid heavy or greasy foods. **Unless you opt for a sedation option**
  11. Following surgery you should have cold liquids for your next three meals. Protein shakes, Ensure, ice cream, and yogurt are good choices.
  12. You will be able to drive yourself home after surgery, but you may wish to arrange for someone else to drive you home. If you wish to take an oral sedative, Halcion or if your surgery is with IV Sedation, you MUST have someone drive you home.

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