Ouch! Are Your Teeth Sensitive In Elgin?

Don’t worry if you have sensitive teeth in Elgin and want to have your teeth whitened. Here at David Rice DDS, we can determine which professional tooth whitening or at-home whitening procedures will work for you.

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Let That Winning Smile Shine In Bartlett IL

A home tooth whitening kit is certainly an affordable tooth whitening option. Meet with Dr. Rice and we’ll work the math with you. How many kits would equal the same results from the dentist? Affordable dentistry is available.

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What Can Fluoride Do For You, Elgin?

Fluoride is a mineral, plain and simple. Fluoride occurs naturally in different foods as well as in water. Fluoride is also added to many of the oral care products sold in Elgin, Bartlett, and St Charles IL stores. This makes it possible for you to apply fluoride to your teeth when you brush your teeth or use mouth rinses.

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Why Sports Drinks Put Teeth At Risk In Bartlett IL

Most health-conscious individuals in the Elgin, St Charles IL and St Charles IL area exercise regularly, and many turn to sports drinks for hydration. While it’s true that they help maintain electrolyte levels in the body (and pose fewer health risks than energy drinks), their acidity can erode tooth enamel. And when tooth enamel erodes,

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6 Ways To Improve Your Smile In Elgin

Who would say no to a prettier smile? I am guessing no one, and now with all of the amazing cosmetic dentistry procedures available from St Charles IL, Elgin IL, and Bartlett IL cosmetic dentists, most dental patients can get the smile they want. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular

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Re-Contour Your Teeth At David A. Rice, D.D.S.

If your crooked, discolored teeth keep you from smiling and you feel like there is nothing you can do about it please give me a call! My name is David Rice and my staff and I at David A. Rice, D.D.S. have been giving the people of Elgin something to smile about since 1986. If

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Have You Thanked Your Dental Assistant Lately, St Charles IL?

Your St Charles IL, Elgin, or Bartlett IL dental practice would be a very different place if it weren’t for the competent dental assistants who work there. Today in the Elgin, Illinois dental blog we would like to highlight the importance of these hard workers who are often taken for granted. St Charles IL dental

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7 Ways Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile In Bartlett IL

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the St Charles IL area, but there are many patients who don’t know exactly what it is or when it is useful to have the procedure done. Today in the Elgin Dental Blog, we explain 7 ways dental bonding is used in cosmetic dentistry. The dental

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Tooth Sensitivity Treatment in Elgin

Have you ever been eating an ice cream cone in Elgin when you felt a sudden jolt of pain in one of your teeth? If the enamel is eroded, or the gums have receded, the dentin layer of the tooth is exposed. The substances that cause tooth pain travel to the pulp where the nerves

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