Extractions, Implants, and Bone Grafting I or II Pre-Op Instructions

  • Avoid: Advil, Aspirin (unless prescribed by your physician) 2 weeks prior to Surgery.
  • Starting one week prior to surgery begin brushing vigorously and flossing very well around future site 2-3 times daily.
  • Two days before surgery begin rinsing with full strength (3%) Hydrogen Peroxide two-times daily for 1 minute OR Carifree treatment rinse.


  • Day of surgery, spend extra time and effort cleaning the site thoroughly to assure it is clean.


  • Bathing and scrubbing your face can also minimize the chance of infection.


  • Men: if possible, shave your facial hair the day of appointment.


  • Women are recommended to have extractions during the last five days of their menstrual cycle. This is to minimize chances of developing dry socket because the estrogen levels are lower during that part of the cycle (day 23-28)
  • An antibiotic medication will be prescribed for you to begin the morning of the surgery. Specific details on dosage will depend on the prescribed antibiotic.  You may wish to also take the pro-biotic Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion by Renew Life in conjunction with the antibiotic prescribed.  This will help aid in intestinal health that antibiotics can sometimes alter.  We often have samples, please ask us.
  • One hour prior to appointment take 400 mg of ibuprofen. You will alternate this and Tylenol after your procedure for discomfort management post-surgery.
  • Plan ahead – be sure you have cold soft foods bought and prepared for yourself for a few days following surgery. Ex: smoothies, yogurt, egg salad, milkshakes, Ensure shakes…


  • We will provide you with ice packs that can be re-frozen throughout your first 24 hours of recovery.

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